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      35kV 630A-1250A 對接套管(E)型

      35kV wo-side bushing

      • DJG-35/630-E DJG-35/1250-E
          35kV 630A-1250A對接套管主要使用于35kV高壓分接箱進出線與電纜接頭連接,實現進出線全絕緣、全密封、全屏蔽。產品采用進口環氧樹脂,APG注射工藝成型,具有優異的電氣性能和機械性能。使用更安全、更可靠。安裝條件不受惡劣環境影響,防凝露、防污穢、免維護,產品內置屏蔽網,自帶傳感器功能可與電感型帶電指示器相連,顯示母線帶電狀態。
          35kv 630A-1250A Two-side bushing mainly used in 35kV high voltage distribution box inlet and outlet and cable connector connection, to achieve full access to the outlet, fully sealed, full shield. products using imported epoxy resin, APG injection molding process, with excellent electrical and mechanical properties. use safer and more reliable. Installation conditions are not affected by harsh environments, anti-condensation, anti-pollution, maintenance-free, built-in shielding network products, built-in sensor function can be connected with the inductive charge indicator, display bus live state。