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      10kV-24kV 高壓電纜分接箱

      10kV-24kV Cable distribution box

      • DFW-15/630 DFW-24/630
          Cable tapping box is widely used in cable distribution system for its excellent performance, full insulation, full sealing, dustproof, moisture proof, floodproof, corrosion resistant, environmental adaptability and standardized design, beautiful appearance. Chemical engineering equipment has been widely recognized in other industrial parks, residential quarters, urban densely populated areas, commercial centers and other places where electricity is used.
          The cable distribution box is divided into: European cable distribution box and American cable distribution box. The European cable distribution box structure is double-sided to open the door, which is convenient for installation and construction and clearly distinguishes the entry and exit line side. The main circuit and branch circuit currents are all 630A European bolt type cable connectors. The American cable distribution box structure has the main features of single door opening and horizontal busbar, and has the characteristics of small width, combined spirit and so on. The rated current can be divided into 600A main circuit and 200A branch circuit. 600A main circuit adopts 600A American bolt type T-type cable connector, and 200A branch circuit adopts chargeable pluggable 200A elbow joint connection。