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      Cable branch box with switch

      • DFW-15/630-K


      Using the load switch or circuit breaker switch assembly, a reasonable left and right into the line split, the smallest structural design, the strongest cable configuration function, access to up to eight circuits. The distribution box that retains the advantages of the traditional distribution box, but also has some advantages of ring network cabinet, is the ideal city network transformation equipment. Small size, maintenance-free, technically sound, high reliability, easy to install, easy to use. With the switch cable distribution box is characterized by: the box has three compartments, one compartment sealed with micro-pressurized sulfur hexafluoride gas load switch, the load switch operating mechanism is located in the operation of the drive compartment, the other two Cable cabling for cable cabins for easy access to incoming and outgoing cables.
      With load switch cable distribution box for three AC frequency 50Hz rated voltage 12kV power system, mainly used for cable transmission and distribution in the cable tap, is connected to and connected to the power of independent users of high voltage electrical equipment , The series of products have been widely used in urban industrial district, residential quarters, commercial centers, airports, railways, petroleum, chemical and other large enterprises and power distribution distribution network. Can greatly save electrical equipment and power cable investment, improve power supply reliability。