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      Cable sheath protector

      • BHQ-D7/200-27.5 BHQ-D7/200-35
          一體式電纜護層保護器使用于27.5-35kV單芯電力電纜的護套過電壓保護。采用一體化設計,它將過電壓保護器和高壓引線電纜整體密封在優質絕緣橡膠材料中,結構緊湊、體積小、安裝方便,該產品符合GB 11032-2000和IEC 60099-4:1991標準??梢灾苯影惭b于電纜分接箱、環網柜、開閉所或箱式變電站中的電纜終端處。它的高壓引線電纜與電力電纜金屬護套連接,接地螺栓固定在接地銅牌上。
      Cable sheath protector used in 27.5-35kV single-core power cable sheath over-voltage protection. with the integrated design, it will over-voltage protection and high-voltage lead cable as a whole sealed in high-quality insulating rubber material, compact structure, small size, easy installation, the product complies with GB 11032-2000 and IEC 60099-4: 1991 standards. can be directly installed in the cable distribution box, ring network cabinet, open or close the box or substation in the cable terminal. its high-voltage lead cable is connected to the power cable metal sheath, and the grounding terminal is fixed on the grounded bronze。