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      10kV-24kV 200A加長套管座

      10kV-24kV 200A Extended bushing

      • TGZ-15/200 TGZ-24/200
          10kV-24kV 200A加長套管座為200A雙通套管提供連接接口,主要用于戶外開關柜等設備上做200A進出線套管。與之相連接的常用電纜附件有:單通套管接頭、雙通套管接頭等。其材料為優質環氧樹脂,具有良好的機械和電氣性能。獨特的傘裙結構增加了爬電距離,有效提高設備的電氣性能。
          10kV-24kV 200A Extended bushing 200A cable connector for the connection interface, mainly used for outdoor switchgear and other equipment on the 200A line in and out of the casing. the commonly used cable accessories are: single through casing joint, double through joint, etc. the material is high quality epoxy resin with good mechanical and electrical properties. the unique structure of the umbrella skirt increases the creepage distance and effectively improves the electrical performance of the equipment。