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      10KV 200A 雙通套管

      200A Rotatable feedthru insert

      • ST-15/200
          10kV 200A雙通套管與套管座相連實現單路與雙路的轉換。其中一路與單通套管接頭有相似的功能,另一路連接肘型避雷器(提高過電壓保護)。產品主要用于美式箱變、戶外開關柜等高壓電氣設備,與之相連常用的電纜附件有:肘型接頭、肘型避雷器和套管座。產品采用高品質的橡膠絕緣,雙通套管內部先進的結構設計確保與肘型接頭斷開時正常滅弧。產品獨特的防倒轉設計保證雙通套管接頭旋轉至合適的安裝位置且不影響連接性能。
          10kV 200A Rotatable feedthru insert are bushing connected to achieve a single and dual conversion. one way with a single-pass casing connector has a similar function, the other way to connect the elbow arrester (to improve over-voltage protection). products are mainly used for american box change, outdoor switchgear and other high-voltage electrical equipment, connected with the commonly used cable accessories are: elbow-type connector, elbow arrester and casing seat. products using high-quality rubber insulation, double-pass casing within the advanced structural design to ensure that the elbow-type connector when the normal off the arc. the product's unique anti-reverse design ensures that the double-pass fitting is rotated to the appropriate mounting position and does not affect the connection performance。