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      10kV 200A 肘型電纜接頭

      200A Elbow connector

      • ZT-15/200
          10kV 200A 肘型電纜接頭為全絕緣、全密封可帶電觸摸的插入式終端電纜接頭,廣泛應用于戶外美式箱變,開關柜,電纜分支箱,地埋式變壓器及其它電氣設備的連接。安裝在200A母排上及美式箱變的單通(或雙通)套管接頭和T-II型電纜頭后部負荷轉換接頭200A的出線端。測試點可安裝帶電顯示器或故障指示器,以便查詢設備帶電狀態和故障狀態。產品采用高品質的絕緣橡膠,導電桿連接頭裝有滅弧材料,因此可在帶電狀態下操作,但不能切斷短路電流;可作為負荷開關開斷200A的電流。
          10kV 200A Elbow connector insulation, seal can be charged for the whole touch the plug-in terminal cable joint, widely used in outdoor american box, switch cabinet, cable branch box, buried transformer and other electrical equipment. Installed on 200A bus and american box change single pass (or double pass) casing joints and T - type II conversion connector cable head at the back of the load the outlet end of the 200A. test points can be installed charged monitor or fault indicator, in order to track the status of equipment state and fault. the insulation of the product usea the high quality rubber, conductive rod connecting head is equipped with arcing materials, therefore, can be charged in the state of operation but not to cut off the short circuit current; can be used as a load switch off the current of 200A。